Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bits of Lessons - Loads of Blessings

(some selected excerpts from my spiritual diary)

May, 2014 entry: 

I have resolved to be joyful and contented with the life that the Lord has given me. I realized all the more that it is best to live this life without any regrets no matter what. I may have so many dreams and wishes that did not become a reality, but this should not hinder me from living a full life, a joyful, happy, contented, peaceful life. I have to be thankful for whatever God has given me. I don't want to live my life with regrets, I don't like sadness to cover so many good things I have in my life. Praise be to God.

June, 2014 entry: 

Today, I came to deeply realize my need to re-assess my walk with the Lord, myself, in the light of His Word and the Holy check if I'm still doing what he wants me to do, if I'm still on the right track of becoming the person He wants me to be.

I realized that at my age (51), I ought to be more careful, to have more time to ponder. -- careful about my words, my thoughts, actions. Because I thought, being in this age and being a Christian for so many years (37 yrs) I could be having the notion that I've been in the "Christian league" for so long a time.. that there is a great tendency for me to become too relaxed to the point of becoming careless. Another thing, I thought, I realized that I should be even more cautious because at this age, I could carelessly use the fact that I am tired, getting old, that I can relax, and ending up not doing the things the Lord wants me to do.

The bottom line is, I should ask I still doing what the Lord wants me to do? Am I still in the right track of "my journey with the Lord"?

Sept. 10 entry: 

The Lord has been speaking to my heart about the one thing that He wants to change in me  now --- my own culture of a "hurried" life and my hurried, stressed-out, and anxious heart. He has been using different daily situations to teach me that. The past weeks, I noticed that I really got more tensed, was always in a hurry not only in action, but worse, inside my heart. If someone could peek into my heart (like what the Lord does), he/she would see me "running".  As I jokingly describe myself as an "OC" (one who has obsessive-compulsive behavior),  I already had this struggle in mid-2012 and I  guess I was able to handle it that time. But I didn't know it would come back, and it did -- slowly. Now, God has been giving me alerts on this. I'm asking the Lord to guard my heart and mind all through the day & always remind me to slow down, be calm, and just trust Him. "I want to live freely and lightly". (borrowing from -  

Writing my thoughts and expressing my heart in writing (my spiritual diary) helps a lot. I do not write everyday, but just when I feel I need to write my thoughts and feelings. For women like us, having a kind of "spiritual diary" could really help in our daily walk with the Lord. It could serve as a mirror of our heart, -- and through it, we could process our thoughts and feelings honestly & more easily, and eventually come to terms with the right resolutions. And after some time, as we reread our entries, we could be encouraged and inspired - all the more, in our walk with the Lord.

Check on Holley Gerth's blog-- very encouraging & enlightening!

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