Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Miracle
...a personal testimony of God's miracle in my life article featured in Meet Me in the Meadow

To Him who alone does great wonders: for His mercy endures for ever.”  Psalm 136:4 

I will always have the sweetest memories of my mother. When she became afflicted with cervical cancer 19 years ago, both ache and fear gripped my heart.
I am an only child, and although I was already married that time, I was so dependent on my mother. I was asking for a miracle from God but one pastor friend, after spending time of prayer and meditation, told me that the Lord would not be giving a miracle of healing for my mother. Instead (according to the convictions in his heart), God would be making a miracle out of this situation. Though I did not fully understand what he said, I just held on the Lord’s love, drew strength from His Words, and hoped in my heart that a miracle would really happen.
Now, when I remember my mother, the ache is still there, and I guess it would stay forever, but through the years I realized that there really was a miracle. Even without my loving Mama, I was able to make it through — by His strength and guidance, through the help and support of my family, church, and friends. I realized that I’ve become more independent, responsible, strong-willed, just like my mother. It has been 19 years since she departed and went home with the Lord, but her love and legacy of so many significant lessons, virtues, and values, are always with me to give me strength and inspiration -- which I also want to pass on to my children. And that is the miracle God gave me. All glory belongs to God.

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