Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the Road to Recovery: My Second Session of Acupuncture
April 17, Tuesday

The doctor was happy seeing that my left shoulder and arm have had significant improvement, and much to his surprise, I also lost 2 kilos in a span of 2 weeks.  I would, perhaps, attribute this weight loss more to my lack of sleep due to arm and shoulder pain, and restlessness. Nevertheless, it still is a good thing to lose weight, though my doctor said 2 kilos of weight loss within a month is just right, particularly if it is based only on diet, exercise excluded.  I still have more or less 5 kilos to lose..I guess I really have to start doing exercises, and do it religiously. My doctor found out that I have edema, as he did some acupressure on my legs.  He said that it shows that my kidney is having a hard time doing its job of absorbing fluids from my body. He told me to cut on my sodium and sugar intake, and be sure not to stay sitting nor standing for too long a time. He also gave me prescription for a diuretic medicine. It's really good to have a regular medical check up especially in my problems could be detected early and preventive measures could be easily done. So, today, I had 5 needles (3 on my left shoulder, 1 on the left arm, and 1 on my left ankle--for the edema).  My doctor also did acupressure on my left lower arm as I complained sudden attacks of pain and restlessness.  I went home feeling satisfied and thankful that I was able to find a doctor who share the same health principles I have -- more on natural remedies and promoting healthy lifestyle. 

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